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Mega Mulcher

Our broad acre mulchers provide an environmentally sensitive solution to large area clearing. Utilising the fixed flail mill, all vegetation is reduced to fine mulch down to the ground level.

Mulching is widely recognised as the preferred method of clearing, creating a layer of effective moisture retention material, preventing erosion and returning nutrients to the soil. The elimination of hazardous stakes provides all vehicle access and reduces risk of stock injuries.

Mulcher hire is ideal for timber clearing, powerline easement clearing, gas line easement clearing, firebreaks, roadside management, subdivision clearing and brush clearing of pastoral land.

Excavator Earthmoving Equipment Plant Hire Queensland

Selected vegetation is cleared vertically from top to ground level, grinding material down to mulch, leaving no dangerous sticks or stakes and preserving grass cover. Grooming helps create a moisture retention barrier of mulch which assists in erosion prevention, weed re-infestation control and acts as a rehabilitation matting for exposed areas.

The groomer is ideal for working in areas that are normally hard to access such as sodic soil area, road verges, creek banks, swamps, confined or steep sites and water catchments.

Morookas (rubber tracked dump trucks)Morooka Rubber Tracked Dump Truck Hire Queensland

Morooka dump carriers can handle all job requirements due to the hydrostatic hydraulic system and specially developed rubber tracks, which will cause no damage to fragile soils.

High traction allows access to any kind of terrain. Optional agitator attachment available providing all terrain access for concrete works.

Other Equipment

Southern Sun Excavation has a large and well maintained fleet of plant, equipment and experienced operators for contract and hire which includes but is not limited to:-Civil Earthworks Excavation Contractors Queensland

  • Bobcats
  • A range of trucks and trailers
  • An extensive list of plant attachments

Please contact us to discuss your project, we are confident we will be able to satisfy all of your requirements.

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